4th Grade Math

Welcome to the 4th Grade Unit Lesson Plans Page!

Let's face it- we need good resources to teach our students!  I don't know how many times I have sat in a PLC with a group of teachers struggling to go through the backwards design process in a 45 minute time period once a week.  We never finished!

I decided to do something different for the teachers I serve.

I planned each unit using the backwards design framework.

  • I started with the list of TEKS we were given on our District Pacing Calendar and looked at the STAAR test for released items to see how the TEKS would be tested.
  • I wrote the learning targets addressing the 4 questions of the PLC.
  • I created a pacing calendar for the unit and added a pacing guide for small group instruction (we call it guided math- but I am not sure it fits the true definition!)
  • I wrote ideas for intervention and enrichment.
  • I created exit tickets to math the rigor of the STAAR test.
  • THEN I found/made activities we could use each day to make sure our kids were getting everything they needed for mastery.

Now when we are in PLC, we can actually have discussions about strategies and lesson plans.  We are not spending time doing the background work on each unit.  The best part- the kids are learning and the teachers are less stressed!

Below is a video explaining how to use the bundled lesson plans!

These bundled plans are also great for intervention and tutorial times!

Unit 1 Place Value of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Unit 3 Multiplication of Whole Numbers

Unit 4 Division of Whole Numbers

Unit 5 All Operations

Unit 7 Data Representations

Unit 6 Fractions