Representing Fractions Guided Math Lesson Plans 3.3A 3.3B 3.3C 3.3D 3.3E 3.7A

Fractions-TEKS: 3.3A 3.3B 3.3C 3.3D 3.3E 3.7A 3.7B

Representing Fractions. These plans are for 10 days of instruction. In this unit, students begin representing fractions. Students will be modeling fractions with real objects such as Cuisenaire rods, fraction strips, folded paper, fraction circles, pattern blocks, open and closed number lines and horizontal and vertical number lines. Students work with unit fractions and fair share when things don’t split up evenly! They need fractions to make it fair.

I have broken down each TEK into Learning Targets to make it easier to track student progress. There are 8 skills in this unit! A student data sheet is included for students to reflect on their own learning for the unit. A teacher tracking sheet is included to make small group instruction easier!

Each day contains objective, learning targets, materials, whole class teaching activity, guided math activity and closure with an exit ticket and answer key for most days.
Whole Class teaching in this unit contains:
Concept Attainment Lesson
Mini Lessons (Connection, Teaching Point, Active Engagement and Link to Ongoing Learning)
Unit Review Game
Unit Fraction Sort

Games in this unit include:
Representing Fractions
Representing Fractions Sets
Sink or Swim

Guided Math Cards
Vertical and Horizontal Open and Closed Number Lines
Fraction Cards
Problem Solving Task Cards

This unit is designed to print and go! I keep mine in a binder. You can put each day and all of the materials for that day in one sheet protector.

I hope this unit helps you get started with Guided Math- you can't beat $1.25 per day for a complete unit!

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