Addition and Subtraction of Fractions 5.3A 5.3H 5.3K 5.4F




Complete Lesson Plans and All Activities!

This unit is about adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Students will use models to construct their understanding of adding or subtracting amounts that are not the same size. A heavy emphasis on modeling is important. I try not to teach the “standard” steps until much later in the unit to give students time to understand the importance of equivalent fractions. They will use fraction strips, fraction circles, area models, and number lines to add and subtract fractions. This is the last piece for 5.3K- add and subtract positive rational numbers fluently. 5.4F is included in this unit, students will solve order of operation problems with fractions.

I have broken down each TEK into Learning Targets to make it easier to track student progress. There are 5 skills in this unit! Each learning target contains intervention and enrichment skills. A student data sheet is included for students to reflect on their own learning for the unit. A teacher tracking sheet is included to make small group instruction easier!

Each day contains objective, learning targets, materials, whole class teaching activity, guided math activity and closure with an exit ticket and answer key for most days.

Whole Class teaching in this unit contains:

Mini Lessons

  • Connection
  • Teaching Point
  • Active Engagement
  • Link to Ongoing Learning

Games and Engagement Activities in this unit include:

  • Minute to Win It 5.3A
  • Mirror- 5.3H
  • SCOOT- 5.3H
  • Roll a Number 5.3H
  • Mystery Challenge- 5.3H
  • SCOOT- 5.3K
  • Roll for Luck- 5.4F

Small Group Instruction

  • 14 problem types
  • Fill in the blank for differentiation

This unit is designed to print and go! I keep mine in a binder. You can put each day and all of the materials for that day in one sheet protector.

I hope this unit helps you with Guided Math by providing a whole class teach, active engagement, guided math activities and exit tickets for almost everyday- you can’t beat $1.50 per day for a complete unit!

Complete Lesson Plans

TEKS: 5.3A, 5.3 H, 5.3K, 5.4F

Estimation Strategies, Area Models, Fraction Strips, Fraction Circles, Number Lines Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions, Regrouping, LCM, and Order of Operations with Fractions