5.7A Solve Problems by Calculating Conversions within a Measurement System Scavenger Hunt


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Do your students struggle with problem solving involving calculating conversions? calculating conversions in the same measurement system can be tricky, but this 20 question Scavenger Hunt can help!

Scavenger Hunt  is a perfect way to get kids up and moving!  Students can work in pairs or alone to solve 20 problems with conversions. This is a self checking activity! 

Set Up:

  • Make a copy of the Scavenger Hunt Cards.   
  • Cut the questions apart and mix them up before taping them around the room or the hallway to spread them out.  
  • Students start on any card.  Answer the question that is on the card.  Write the answer on the answer sheet. Look for the answer on another card. Then repeat!  If they can’t find the answer, they go back and resolve! 

Other Uses:

  • Use in stations for extra practice. 
  • Use in small group instruction.  Students can model and discuss their strategies.
  • After School Tutorials or Intervention