5.5A Classify Two-Dimensional Figures Hierarchy of Sets using Graphic Organizers Minute to Win It!


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Do your students struggle with classifying two-dimensional figures in a hierarchy of sets and subsets using graphic organizers based on their attributes and properties? This skill can be tricky, but this 12 question Minute to Win IT game can help!


Minute to Win It is a perfect engagement activity! Students are rewarded with a challenge after they complete 6 problems. Since they earn time to complete the challenge for each correct answer- they don’t guess!!!


Set Up:

Divide students into groups of two. Show the two challenges and let each person in the group pick a challenge to complete.. Each problem will be worth 10 seconds on the challenge. Show problem #1, groups work together to solve and write their answer choice on a whiteboard. Check it. Each group that gets it correct, gets 10 seconds. Work a total of 6 questions and then complete a challenge. Work 6 more problems and complete a challenge.


Each group has 1 student stand up to complete the challenge. Put a countdown timer on the board. Start with 60 seconds. If a group earns 50 seconds, they begin when the timer says 50. Each group that completes the challenge gets 5 points.


Other Uses:

  • Use in stations for extra practice. 
  • Use in small group instruction.  Students can model and discuss their strategies.
  • After School Tutorials or Intervention