5.6C 5.4H Area Perimeter Volume Of Cubes And Rectangular Prisms Mystery Challenge


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Do your students struggle with volume related to area and perimeter? Finding the volume, area and perimeter is tricky, but this 10 question Mystery Challenge can help!

Mystery Challenge is a perfect way to get kids up and moving!  Solving a mystery adds a sense of urgency! Kids solve problems and engagement is high!

Set Up:

  • Make 2 copies of the clues on different colored paper.  Laminate.  
  • Hide them around the room.  
  • Divide the class into two groups.  Assign them a color (the color of the clue cards).   
  • Students will work in partners to be the first to solve it from their team.  The group is not working together- just the partners.
  • Give each student an answer sheet.  They will solve the problem from the clue card. Each answer will give them a clue. Students will check off clues they find  The last remaining in each column will be the solution

Other Uses:

  • Use in stations for extra practice. 
  • Use in small group instruction.  Students can model and discuss their strategies.
  • After School Tutorials or Intervention