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Close Reading Strategies for Math!
If you are looking for ways to get your students to read math closely- these activities can help!

Start with a passage, flyer or graphic. Make sure it does not contain a problem to solve. It is just information. We want students to think about the passage as a whole. Each of these strategies are great for building mathematical thinking while reinforcing reading strategies!

Say, Mean, Matter
This strategy gets students think about different phrases in text. The teacher picks out important pieces for students to focus on. Later, when students are more skilled, they can pick out the important pieces! We start by asking the question, “What does it say?” Then move to, “What does it mean? and finally, “Why does it matter?”
Students can spin the spinner to answer questions about the flyer.

Cube It
Cube It is a strategy used to differentiate thinking. Each side of the cube is a different skill. Students roll the cube and answer the question. A sheet is included if you don’t have time to make the cubes!

Read It Again And Again And Again
Read it Again and Again and Again is a strategy to help students read for a different purpose. Often times, we ask students to read math problems multiple times. They do, but they read the same thing over and over again without looking for different pieces of information.
Musical shares is the activity!

What do you need to know, what do you NOT need to know , what do you want to find and what strategy will you use helps students to find critical pieces of information.
3 task cards are included for problem solving

Students will practice multiplying decimals in a fun problem solving way!

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