Math Station Boards 4th Grade Multiplying Whole Numbers

Multiplication of Whole Numbers is a skill to practice all year! These math stations can help! 5 different station board activities are included. Print and fill the pockets! (Instructions for making the boards can be found below.) No laminating and minimal prep work saves you time! Print on colored paper to spice things up! When the unit is over, simply put the next unit in and you are ready to go!

This Math Station Board groups student expectations CCSS- 4NBT.B5 and TEKS- All processing, 4.4B, 4.4C, 4.4D, 4.4G, 4.4H and 4.5A that address fluently multiplying whole numbers using a variety of strategies, rounding whole numbers, and representing multi-step problems using strip diagrams and equations with a letter representing unknown quantities.

Problem Solving:
Must Do problem- Real world scenario basketball practices with 8 high level questions, student work page
May Do problem- Number around strategy
Challenge problem- Critical thinking creating and changing a model mentally

Math by Myself:
Today’s Assignment sheet- you choose what the students will work on (ie. Textbook practice problems, or anything you would assign for independent practice.
I Can Statements with faces students can color to evaluate their own learning. Students keep track of their learning. Have students bring this to the guided math table and show you they know how to complete each skill. Great for student led conferencing and RTI information
Challenge problem- 2 challenge problems using information from a word problem, students answer HOT questions

Math in Writing:
Must Do problem- R.A.F.T writing strategy
1 Choice Board for May Do
Challenge problems- 2 challenge problems asking students to explain their thinking

Math with Someone:
Frayer models and a vocabulary list
Memory cards for vocabulary game
Use Your Whole Brain! Vocabulary game that challenges your students to use their entire brain. Use your hands cards challenge students to draw a vocabulary word for teammates to guess- sometimes while blindfolded other times they will make the word with clay. Just the Facts- students will answer questions by definition only, multiple choice and true or false. Act It Out cards ask students to play charades- sometimes using a famous person’s voice or singing the clues. In Spelling Shark, students are asked to spell words forward and backwards or unscramble mixed up words.

One Step Multiplication word problems Task Cards. Answer Key included!

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