Guided Math Professional Development

Guided Math Professional Development

Guided Math Training is a 3 Day workshop that gets teachers ready to change the way they teach!  We know that teaching in small groups at the level of the student is best practice, but without the systems in place to keep it all together, it doesn't work!

Whole Class Teaching

Session 1

Day 1 is about whole class teaching.  The biggest stumbling block that I have encountered when working with teachers is the whole class teaching time.  When teachers hear the time limits- 15 to 20 minutes- they automatically think this is impossible!  And it is if they teach a normal lesson.  During this session, teachers learn about ways to keep this teaching time meaningful and short!

We will also go through planning using the backwards design model.  We want to start with the end in mind!  For a more detailed description of this planning session click here.



Whole Class Instruction Strategies


Session 2

Day 2 of the training is all about stations.  We start with the basics of setting up the procedures and routines.  We look at a launch schedule and customize it to fit the campus needs.  Flexible grouping and Accountability and big parts of the day.

Guided Math Stations

Small Group Instruction

Session 3

Day 3 is all about small group instruction.  We discuss ways to keep track of who needs what and documentation for RTI.  Teachers will learn more about intervention strategies and enrichment ideas.

Guided Math Small Group Instruction

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