Financial Literacy for 5th Grade

Financial Literacy in 5th Grade is all about:

  • Taxes
  • Gross vs. Net Income
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Credit, Debit, Electronic Payments and Checks
  • Balancing a Budget!

These skills are very much needed!

I have broken down each TEK into Learning Targets to make it easier to track student progress. There are 5 skills in this unit! Each learning target contains intervention and enrichment skills. A student data sheet is included for students to reflect on their own learning for the unit. A teacher tracking sheet is included to make small group instruction easier!



This unit is designed to print and go! I keep mine in a binder. You can put each day and all of the materials for that day in one sheet protector.

I hope this unit helps you with Guided Math by providing a whole class teach, active engagement, guided math activities and exit tickets for almost everyday- you can’t beat $1.25 per day for a complete unit!

Complete Lesson Plans
TEKS: 5.10A, 5.10B, 5.10C, 5.10D, 5.10E, 5.10F

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