Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers 5.3G

Model Model Model!  When students are first learning a concepts- concrete is the way to go!

Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers

Modeling and dividing decimals by whole numbers is tricky, but these 3 Sets of Task cards can help! Use them orally in small groups, or individually as a practice station in Math Daily 3 or in Guided Math. Another option is to use one card at a time with the entire class. Students can answer on notebook paper and track the cards they have completed on the included recording sheet. An answer key is also included. In addition Roll For Luck whole class game to play with any of the 3 sets.

Set 1: Students will model division of decimals using an area model. 12 Task Cards with a student modeling sheet can help students visualize and understand division of decimals by a whole number. Answer Key is included!
Set 2: Students will continue to practice dividing 2 digit decimal dividends by 1 digit whole numbers. 24 mini-task cards and griddable answer sheets will help students practice decimal placement. These numbers are small enough fro students to mentally solve the problems.Answer Key is included!
Set 3: Students will practice up to 4 digit decimal dividends by up to 2 digit divisors with quotients to the hundredths using 20 task cards. Two types of answer sheets are available- grids and free response. Answer Key is included!
These task cards sets are perfect for test prep and will work well at Guided Math centers, BUILD, Daily 3 Math stations, for partner work, or with the whole class games. Use them with PLICKERS to assess the class!

These cards will look best in color, but will also print out fine in black and white. Simply print and cut. Laminate and use them again and again. Alternatively, you could print black and white cards on colored cardstock. Keep them in a baggie or whole punch and put on a ring
Set 1
12 Modeling Decimal Task Cards, Student Sheet and Answer Key
Set 2
24 Mini Task cards Color and Black & White with Griddable Answer Document
Set 3
20 4 digit decimal dividend by 2 digit divisor with quotient up to hundredths Task Cards- Color and Black and White with Griddable and Open Response Student sheets with Answer Keys
Student bubble sheet
Answer key
Roll for Luck Whole Class Game
Race to Space Game board that can be played with any of the 3 sets


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