Create Your Own Capacity and Weight Problem Solving 3.7E

Problem solving using cups, pints, ounces, and pounds. Teach students to read the tools of capacity and weight!

To use this product:
Make copies on white card stock in color if possible. Laminate. Cut out each card.
Create your own problems! Put a question on the projector and place two model cards under it. If it is a difference problem, make sure the larger measure is first. Change out the models until your students get it! You can make up your own problems to go with the models or put two models on the board and have students create the word problems!

You can use these cards for whole class practice, or in small group or intervention.

**This activity is included in Unit 12 Measurement 3.6C 3.6D 3.7B 3.7C 3.7D 3.7E

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