5.7A Solve Problems by Calculating Conversions within a Measurement System


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Do your students struggle with problem solving involving calculating conversions? calculating conversions in the same measurement system can be tricky, but this 10 question SCOOT can help!

SCOOT is a perfect way to use Task Cards in the classroom!  Students can work with a partner or alone. Great way to keep everyone working during independent practice!

Set Up:

  • Make 2 copies of the SCOOT Cards.  
  • Cut the questions apart and tape to desks in order.  
  • Set a timer for 3-5 minutes depending on the speed of your class.  If you have kids that need more time, set up a SCOOT for them. Choose half of the problems, and have them move, every other time.
  • Students will move from desk to desk, reading the problem on the desk  and answering it on their answer sheet. When the timer goes off- SCOOT to the next desk. 

Other Uses:

  • Use in stations for extra practice. 
  • Use in small group instruction.  Students can model and discuss their strategies.
  • After School Tutorials or Intervention