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Welcome!  I am a traveling instructional coach.  One of my roles on campus is to help with the PLC.  I teach new teachers about the TEKS and my main question is “What does the TEK say?”  Sometimes I feel like a broken record!  I’m sure the teachers I work with get tired of that!  One of our struggles last year (and I bet it is yours too) was not having enough time to plan using the backwards design model.  We know it is the right thing to do, but our conference time is 50 minutes.  We met twice a week and it was just not enough time to do the work required to plan and prep for the next week.  I wrote the unit plans for each unit of Third Grade Math this year to make sure we were on track the entire year with pacing and rigor.  Then during planning we can discuss the TEK and make sure everyone knows how to teach it.  We can spend our second meeting prepping and talking about the best way to teach and use the resources.  I want our team to go home on Friday knowing the next week is ready!  This summer, I will finish 4th and 5th and hopefully tackle 2nd!  I know this will make planning and prep easier for them next year!  Check out 3rd Grade Math to see the units!













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