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Teacher Burnout

Nearly 1 in 3 Teachers in Texas Quit Before Year 6

“I think you see a high burnout rate whenever you’ve got a challenging job that people are under-prepared for, under-resourced to be able to accomplish and then not particularly well-compensated for,” said Monty Exter, a spokesman for the Association of Texas Professional Educators. (Zelinski, May 31, 2019)

I see you~

  • struggling each week to write lesson plans that meet the rigor of the TEKS. 
  • searching endlessly for resources that will help kids learn math while being challenged and engaged. 
  • staying late everyday after school working on plans and creating everything from scratch.

You are exhausted from working with students all day,
and still have to prep, write and create. 



I see you~

  • SACRIFICING your time with your family and friends to ensure success for ALL of OUR Children.

"This was a lifesaver! I had been struggling to find resources but with this, everything was all together and perfectly aligned."

Maggie Sengele (TpT Seller) May 7, 2019

"Made my life so much easier!"

Angela E. (TpT Review) March 17, 2019

Stop the Internal Dialogue

You do have what it takes!

  • You need help you can trust and depend on.
  • You need someone who spent many years in the classroom that knows how to plan and knows the math TEKS.
  • You need to get your workload under control so you can live a life outside of school!



Your priority is student success.

My priority is rigorous, aligned Lesson Plans.

"I really enjoy this product. All of the unit plans are wonderful, they helped me out so much and saved me tons of time!!!! Thank you!"

Brandee D. (TpT Review) June 18, 2019

Make Your Life Easier

  • Buy Lesson Plans 
  • Download to your computer
  • Copy and Paste to your lesson plan template
  • Make the Games and Activities
  • Teach

"I really like this resource and will be purchasing the bundle for the rest of the year. The activities are engaging and there's a variety to pick and choose from to fit your class structure."

Heather P. (TpT Review) August 6, 2019