Foundations of Number

This unit is about composing and decomposing numbers.  It is important for students to be able to break apart numbers because in the next unit they will be adding and subtraction using place value.

Decomposing and composing numbers requires students to be flexible in their thinking.  Students need to explore the place value system so they understand it.  How many times do we ask students to perform an operation in a problem and they come up with a number that isn’t possible.  When asked if the number is reasonable, they have no way to answer. To begin this unit, we ask students to decide whether each statement is true or false.  We don’t guide or help.  We just want to know what their level of understanding is for number concepts.

Anticipation Guide for Foundations of Number- Click for a free copy!

When the unit is finished, we do this activity again to see if their thinking has changed. Anticipation Guides are a perfect way to explore what students already know!  When I write them, I try to use the possible misconceptions that students have about a topic.

Math games included in this unit:

*SNAP* and Race to 100