Algebraic Reasoning All Operations



Algebraic Reasoning with all operations is a fun unit to teach!  We will be teaching one and two step problem solving with the whole gang of strategies- number lines, strip diagrams, equations, arrays, area models and tables.  Thankfully these are not new!  In this unit students begin to solve more complex problems.  They require multiple operations and math reasoning comes into play.  Students will really need practice and lots of paper to draw, make models and use strategies!

A few things are new to students in this unit- 3.5E number pairs in a table (a separate post is here about this topic), 3.6D Decomposing to find area, and 3.8B problem solving using a graph or table.



Free Math Huddle

When teaching 3.6D, focus on finding the rectangle and relate it to the area model. A great way to start is by doing a math huddle.  This year we are trying this one. We are using the one on the right, but have the one on the left just in case the groups get really stuck! Give the kids the problem on the first day of instruction- without teaching them how to do it!  Let them use what they know about area from the previous units to come up with a strategy.  Let them share what they are doing!

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